Creating ‘Happy Schools’

“The purpose of education is not to produce mere scholars, technicians and job hunters, but integrated men and women who are free of fear; for only between such human beings can there be enduring peace.”

J Krishnamurti - Education and the significance of life

The schooling experience is perhaps the most influential of these endeavours in terms of shaping the course of our lives. Schools that can promote happiness, referred to in UNESCO’s concept of ‘happy schools’, are key to ensuring better well-being, health, and achievement as well as success in future life and work. Education systems must also value the unique strengths and talents of learners by recognizing that there are ‘multiple intelligences’ that each deserves equal importance.

As such, promoting learner happiness and well-being in schools does not imply that learning be made easier or require less effort, but rather, that such approaches could help fuel a genuine love of learning in and of itself.

Happiness is today at the top of the global policy agenda, with the United Nations General Assembly’s 2011 Resolution recognizing ‘the pursuit of happiness as a fundamental human goal’ (United Nations General Assembly, 2011). The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) also promote well-being across the various goals and targets

We design interventions based on the current status of school covering all aspects of People, Process and Place.

This model is based on UNESCO’s recommendations and we implement it in an innovative way.