Training Programs for Teachers

   1. HOTs | Higher-Order Thinking : Concept To Implementation

As economic and technological changes shape the occupational outlook of today’s students, schools have begun to embrace the need to instill “higher-order thinking” to prepare the 21st century workforce. No longer is it enough for high school graduates simply to know basic facts and skills. To be successful, students must master decision-making, prioritizing, strategizing and collaborative problem solving.

This program aims at empowering teachers to use Higher-Order Thinking concept effectively.

  2. Involving Students in Classroom Processes | Active Learning Strategies

Most teachers enter the teaching profession with an idealistic vision of impacting the lives of their students. They see themselves in a classroom in which their students hang onto their every word. It is of course a rude awakening when they actually first enter a classroom to teach, and find that they must fight for their students’ attention and interest. It is a battle that is often lost.

This program focuses on Clarifying concepts of Active Learning process, Establish its simplicity and practicality and Enable teachers to practice it in day-to-day classroom teaching

  3. Assessment for Learning | One Day Workshop

Assessment for Learning (AfL) is a key aspect of teaching-learning.

The ultimate purpose of assessment for learning is to create self-regulated learners who can leave school able and confident to continue learning throughout their lives. Teachers need to know at the outset of a unit of study where their students are in terms of their learning and then continually check on how they are progressing through strengthening the feedback they get from their learners.

This program aims at empowering teachers to practice AfL (Assessment for Learning)

  4. Assessment & Examination Practices (CCE) | Two Days Workshop

It was observed by the scholars that; Indian school board exams are largely inappropriate for the ‘knowledge society’ of the 21st century and its need for innovative problem-solvers.

The education needs of today and tomorrow are vastly different from those of the 19th and 20th centuries. The old pattern of assessment and examination will not provide any help to the students

  5. Teaching of Mathematics & Science | One Day Workshop

Why Mathematics is treated as ‘difficult’ subject?

It is not that Mathematics as a subject is ‘difficult’ but rather the way we teach mathematics is inappropriate. Mathematics is a subject of Abstraction and abstract thing at lower age group- up to 11 is really difficult. We need to adapt right pedagogy for the teaching of mathematics so that students feel it is really ‘easy and enjoyable’

Science learning actually aims at exploring further and validating the facts. It demands usage of various thinking skills. Teaching of science must involve a pedagogy which gives opportunity to explore, analyze and draw inferences. This program deals with pedagogical processes involved in Mathematics and Science.

  6. Teaching of Languages & Social Studies | One Day Workshop

Language learning has its own importance. Language gives access to learn all other subjects. Similarly teaching of social studies must focus on equipping students to think critically on social issues.

Pedagogical processes of these subjects differ from other subjects and in this program we focus on specific methodologies to teach language and social studies..

  7. Understanding NCF 2005 | One Day Workshop

NCF is now India’s National Curriculum. Curricular Framework is a wider phenomenon and goes much beyond syllabus. Integrating NCF into school processes is beneficial for teachers and students; it helps them to excel in life rather than only in exams. It is mandatory too.

  8. Questioning Skills For Teachers | One Day Workshop

Questioning is an art. Questioning is a powerful tool to instill learning. It helps in many ways to the teacher. But if teacher is not equipped with these skills, normally only memory based questions are asked which ultimately hamper the development of intelligence.

This workshop will help teachers to understand the various types of questions and develop skills to use right question at right time.

  9. Classroom Management Skills For Teachers | One Day Workshop

Classroom Management is a process of ensuring the classroom lessons run smoothly despite disruptive behavior by students. It also implies the prevention of disruptive behavior with motivation, discipline and respect.

This program will help teachers to understand the logic behind such behavior and plan a remedy to ensuring effective classroom management.