Training Program for Pre-Schools

   1. Little Steps for Bigger World | Pre-School Teacher Training Workshop


The first six years are significant formative years of human life since the rate of development in these years is more rapid than at any other stage of development. Global brain research also informs us about the importance of early years for brain development.

This workshop primarily focuses on clarifying concepts in scientific manner and enabling teachers to establish learning relationship with students.

This workshop covers National Guidelines specified in Early Childhood Care and Education program


Integrating NCF into school processes is beneficial for teachers and students; it helps them to excel in life rather than only in exams. It is mandatory too.

   2. Understanding Our Kids | Parenting Workshop:

Parenting is an art; it requires high degree skills, unconditional love and clear understanding of child. In our day-to-day life we see many of the parents express concern about the behaviour and response of the child. There is gap between parental expectations and child’s response to it.

It impacts greatly in their studies; here also we observe the gap between expectations and realities. This slowly builds stress for both of them impacting their performance.

The simplest way is to understand child as he/she is. This workshop aims to help parents to identify means and ways to understand child and building healthy relationship and bond of true love. This will help child to grow naturally.

Kay aspects of the workshop