Advisory Support for School Accreditation

We are CBSE Accreditation Agency and are in a better position to provide advisory services for CBSE/NABET or any International Accreditation process.

   About Accreditation

Accreditation is a qualitative process focusing mainly on the delivery of curriculum. School can complete the process with systematic approach and staff training. Accreditation leads to qualitative enhancement and improvement of schools through a self-reflective exercise. This comprehensively covers the Scholastic and Co-Scholastic process and requires its alignment with NCF principles; also, it expects to implement CCE in true spirit.

Looking at current status we can extend support in phased manner so that the process can be completed successfully.

We provide comprehensive support including training, designing systems, helping school to implement system and verifying the progress of implementation periodically.

  Phase 1

Preparing Annual Curriculum Plan for scholastic and co-scholastic

This is a comprehensive process and covers all aspects of curriculum planning and delivery. We will work with the various teams, explain what exactly need to be done and get the part of ACP or other related work then and there only so that them is empowered to do the rest of the work. On completing the remaining work and home-work we will verify each and every document and guide for the corrections if needed.


1. Excellence in School Education
2. Documentation & Record Keeping for CBSE School Accreditation
3. Preparing Annual Curriculum Plan (ACP)

  Phase 2

In second phase we will focus on preparing other documents as well as identifying and maintaining records required by Accreditation Standard.

  Phase 3

Self Assessment - This is onsite assessment with selected teachers. This will help school to identify areas for improvements so that during final assessment school will clear accreditation assessment smoothly.